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10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t “Stay Friends” With Your Ex

Throughout my blog you may have noticed that I champion cutting all ties with your ex. A lot of people have said they consider this harsh. However here are 10 reasons why I don’t….

1.       The split wasn’t mutual. One minute you’re a couple and the next minute you’re not, and it wasn’t through your choice.  There are going to be some hard feelings for a while and being “just friends” with someone who you want more from isn’t fun.
2.       You’ve seen each other naked. They know all your likes. They know your worst habits- I like to think no one knows that I could quite easily eat a block of cheese on its own, in one afternoon.
3.       Staying friends will mean staying friends on Facebook. Cue the constant looking on their page an obsessing over any girl who comments. “Who is Sophie? Why is he talking to her? She’s blonde. I’m not blonde. Does this mean he actually just want to be with a blonde instead. AAAARRRRRGGGHHHHHH
4.       Seeing them with someone else. Ouch.
5.       Friends talk about sex and love. Discussing your love life with someone who you probably were in love with at some point isn’t my idea of a great conversation.
6.       Sex with the ex- always happens. Good at the time. Not so great afterwards.
7.       You have enough friends. You don’t need another one.
8.       You definitely don’t need a friend who has hurt you.
9.       Would you want to go to your ex’s wedding. I wouldn’t. Plus which, I can be a massive bitch when I’m drunk and I’d probably say something shitty about the cake. Or worse, the brides dress.
10.   False hope. There will always be part of you that will think “what if?”


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What Films (Really) Taught Us About Men, Relationships and Life

We’ve all seen the film. Girl Meets boy. Girl falls for boy. Boy won’t commit. Girl dresses like a slut; boy commits.  You’re just an object.


The Little Mermaid
It’s OK to sell your soul in order to get what you want. In The Little Mermaid, Ariel gives up her voice; her ability to sing and her ability to communicate, AND STILL GETS THE GUY, because ya’know, it’s not like you need to be able to have a conversation with a guy in order for him to like you.

kiss the girl

Friends With Benefits
If you have no strings attached sex with a guy and act like you don’t want a relationship, he will fall in love with you. Chances are, if he says he wants no strings attached, he really wants no strings attached and won’t fall in love with you. Make sure that’s what you really want too before you pursue it.


Pretty Woman
Someday your prince will come. It’s Ok that you can’t pay your rent, your shoes are falling apart and all your friends are hooked on drugs. One day a man will come along and lift you out of all of your troubles.


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Lipstick Favourites, Week 3: MUA 01

Being the single, independent lady that I am, this means that everything I own I bought myself. I’m quite proud of this, but I’m also very expensive. When I came across MUA I was rather dubious- a lipstick, for £1? What’s wrong with it?


After reading other reviews about how good it was I thought I’d give it a go, besides if it is a bit rubbish, it wouldn’t have exactly left me bankrupt.

MUA (Make Up Academy) can be found online at or in Superdrug stores. All their products cost a couple of £s each and they are fast becoming a favourite in the blogging community.

This deep, berry toned red is perfect for the Autumn. It is extremely pigmented and really has the staying power- meaning you can drink as many hot chocolates to your heart’s content. It feels really moisturising on the lips and it has a sweet, powdery smell to it. At just one pound it’s a bargain.

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10 Reasons Why I’d Rather Have a Dog than a Boyfriend…

So quite recently I gave you all 10 reasons why I’d rather have a cat, despite the fact I am actually more of a dog person, so this week I’m going to give you 10 reasons why a man’s best friend can also be a women’s…

1.       They’re easier to house train.
2.       Dogs are a lot better at picking up on your emotions.
3.       Dogs will eat whatever you give them. I once cooked a lovely home cooked meal from scratch for my then bf. He moaned because he wanted Dominoes pizza, looking back on it I wish I had thrown said cooked meal at him. Ungrateful toad.
4.       Dogs will happily express affection in public. The boyfriend above also would refuse to hold my hand in public. Arsehole.
5.       Dogs are happy with just a belly rub. Ever tried rubbing a guys belly and then rolling over to sleep. Not gonna happen.
6.       The dog is always happy to see you and will let you know it.
7.       Having a kick about with your dog in the park is a lot less scary than having a kick about with any testosterone driven male.
8.       The only bad thing a dog is likely to give you are fleas…
9.       Dogs will protect you, a recent survey showed that men would happily let their better halves go downstairs in the middle of the night to investigate a strange noise
10.   Your dog won’t stray because you can put him on a leash; only certain types of men will agree to wear a leash.  I’m not sure I would want to date these types of men anyway.

Men will never do the puppy dog eyes as well as puppies.

Men will never do the puppy dog eyes as well as puppies.


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Social Media Sharing and Relationships- What Happens When It All Goes Wrong?



Gone are the days of simple technology. In the year of 2013 I find myself signed up to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Google+, Pintrest, LinkedIn, Foursquare; I also have various email accounts- both personal and professional. The only problem is that my exes do too. This day and age means that I am technologically easy. A social media whore.

Now when I break up with someone, I don’t just break up with them once, but over and over again until all knowledge of the relationship no longer exists on my social media sites.

Not to mention the overuse of the exes name in the search bar every day after said break up.  By the way- the status update and search bar are dangerously close to each other, Mr Zuckerburg.

The problem lies here. Back in the day (not that I remember a life without cyber stalking) if you were to break up with someone, the only contact you would have afterwards would be telephone.

Social Media has now become the ultimate stalking tool. I know everything about my Facebook friends- their favourite films, where they’re going on a Saturday night, what they think of Riri’s new music video, the political party they vote for and whether they agree with the latest xenophobic article published by The Daily Mail. THIS IS THE VERY PROBLEM. We share everything with hundreds of strangers’ everyday- some of whom we only met once, when we were drunk… and dressed as a crayon for Halloween. So if you happen to be friends with your exes mum’s dog, this means that you will still know exactly what your ex is up to. This sucks.

My Facebook boasts roughly 590 “friends”. Do I have this many people that I regularly hang out with? No I do not.

Delete the hangers on
I have promised myself I am going to have a Facebook clearout. A good place to start are people who use their page as a political platform (and these people often have no idea what they’re talking about) shortly followed by people whose statuses I cannot understand due to poor sentence structure, and not forgetting those annoying people who are convinced that if I don’t share the picture a troll will eat me in my sleep. Don’t forget to delete the ex.  Or the exes dickhead of a best friend, who you weren’t allowed to call a dickhead when you were still together cos, ya’know,  it was his best friend.

Do you really need to state you’re in a relationship on your profile?
Making a relationship Facebook official means there may come a day when you’ll need to make the break up  Facebook official. Cue hundreds of people you haven’t spoken to asking “if you’re OK hun?”  Do they really care? Probably not, but people are nosey and your break up is going to make good pub gossip. The last time I found myself changing my status back to “single” I saw it receive over 20 likes from boys on my friends list I barely knew:
1. I did not like this and I did not appreciate that other people liked it.
2. I’m pretty sure the other person didn’t like it either, in fact I know they didn’t because we had an argument about my new male admirers.

The couple photos
I’m not talking about the ones of you on holiday or just general ones of you together. I’m talking about the ones of you kissing or the ones of you in bed together. We get it. You had sex.

Now I’m not telling you not to shout your love from the rooftops, and a few statuses and pictures are less permanent than a tattoo, but when it comes to sharing, sometimes it’s best not to.



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