Lipstick Favourites, Week 3: MUA 01

Being the single, independent lady that I am, this means that everything I own I bought myself. I’m quite proud of this, but I’m also very expensive. When I came across MUA I was rather dubious- a lipstick, for £1? What’s wrong with it?


After reading other reviews about how good it was I thought I’d give it a go, besides if it is a bit rubbish, it wouldn’t have exactly left me bankrupt.

MUA (Make Up Academy) can be found online at or in Superdrug stores. All their products cost a couple of £s each and they are fast becoming a favourite in the blogging community.

This deep, berry toned red is perfect for the Autumn. It is extremely pigmented and really has the staying power- meaning you can drink as many hot chocolates to your heart’s content. It feels really moisturising on the lips and it has a sweet, powdery smell to it. At just one pound it’s a bargain.


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