10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t “Stay Friends” With Your Ex

Throughout my blog you may have noticed that I champion cutting all ties with your ex. A lot of people have said they consider this harsh. However here are 10 reasons why I don’t….

1.       The split wasn’t mutual. One minute you’re a couple and the next minute you’re not, and it wasn’t through your choice.  There are going to be some hard feelings for a while and being “just friends” with someone who you want more from isn’t fun.
2.       You’ve seen each other naked. They know all your likes. They know your worst habits- I like to think no one knows that I could quite easily eat a block of cheese on its own, in one afternoon.
3.       Staying friends will mean staying friends on Facebook. Cue the constant looking on their page an obsessing over any girl who comments. “Who is Sophie? Why is he talking to her? She’s blonde. I’m not blonde. Does this mean he actually just want to be with a blonde instead. AAAARRRRRGGGHHHHHH
4.       Seeing them with someone else. Ouch.
5.       Friends talk about sex and love. Discussing your love life with someone who you probably were in love with at some point isn’t my idea of a great conversation.
6.       Sex with the ex- always happens. Good at the time. Not so great afterwards.
7.       You have enough friends. You don’t need another one.
8.       You definitely don’t need a friend who has hurt you.
9.       Would you want to go to your ex’s wedding. I wouldn’t. Plus which, I can be a massive bitch when I’m drunk and I’d probably say something shitty about the cake. Or worse, the brides dress.
10.   False hope. There will always be part of you that will think “what if?”


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  1. And then it’s really fun when you try to be “just friends” and your ex is all up in your grill to have a secret hookup at your friend’s party, but then when you say “no, let’s just be adult about this” they get all pissy then go and bang some random bimbo in the hot tub instead. Not that I know anything about this from real life… err. Yeah.

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