Is it OK to Date Multiple People?

multiple people

When I first started internet dating, I found the amount of messages I received to be somewhat overwhelming. I cautiously brought this up with a friend who was on the same site, in fear of sounding big headed and found that she felt the same way too.
When you’re out in a bar, you may get chatted up, but not many people will experience groups of the opposite sex trying to engage in conversation with you at the same time, but when we’re sat behind our computer this is often commonplace. We have so much choice, we may find ourselves talking to 2 or 3 people whom we find attractive and get along with quite well. I’ve found myself in a situation a few times when I’ve agreed to a date with more than one person- but is this OK?
Is it OK to date multiple people?
When you sign up to a dating site, you should expect for there to be lots of other people on there looking for a serious relationship, there will also be lots of other people who aren’t, and how do we find this out? We find this out by talking. Talking with just one person is like putting all our eggs in just one basket, and ya know, as a woman I wanna make sure my eggs get the best possible basket! And if you get on online- that’s great, but will you get along offline? The only way to find this out is by dating. Going on dates with various people isn’t a bad thing, it isn’t cheating. I think if you’ve met online you can expect that the person you’re talking with will be talking to and dating other people. Dating other people is fine, be honest about it and remember not to take it personally when you discover others are multiple dating too.
When it doesn’t become OK?
Whilst I believe multiple dating is OK in the first stages, I draw a line after a while. When is it not OK? For me I would say that this is a boundary that needs to be set by the couple. For example, you may have been on a couple of dates and things are getting a little more serious; when you’re sleeping together (let’s not contribute to spreading any nasties about) Ultimately remember that the choice is between you and one other. Either way it probably involves the dreaded “talk” …. that’s for another post!


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