A Whole Bunch of Toads

I do believe that the majority of men out there are polite, intelligent and know how to speak to the opposite sex. However, you would forgive me for thinking that it’s becoming increasingly more probable that I will die alone… surrounded by cats.
Below are snippets taken from some of the messages I have received…
First let me explain this one; I have a unisex name. I understand it can cause a bit of confusion with pronunciation, and I have surprised a few interviewers upon arrival, but my name is my name. I’m not sure why my parents chose it, but they chose it none the less.  I’m not going to tell you my name- that’s a secret…
“So what’s your real name then? I’ve never heard a girl be called that before”
“I’ve definitely given you my real name. It’s not short for anything. That’s my name”
“Why did your parents give you THAT name”
“It’s OK, you should just tell people your parents were drunk”

Seriously though?! Why would you say that?

Seriously though?! Why would you say that?

“Where is it you live?”
“I live in a Small village called Eye”
“Your profile says you live in Suffolk though? There isn’t an Eye in Suffolk, are you sure you haven’t spelt it wrong? Or do you actually live in Cambridge?”








Like I said, I’m sure these boys are not representative of the male population, but I do wonder where did they learn this behavior from? I think the next time I’m asked why I’m still single I shall present this post…



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