10 Reasons Why Being Single at Christmas Isn’t THAT Bad…

christmas singleAhh the Christmas season; an absolutely dreadful time to be single. No one to buy you presents, decorate the tree with, or snuggle up by the fire with. You may aswell just go to sleep and wake up when it’s all finished. Or not. So I give you: My 10 Reasons Why it’s Actually Not THAT Bad to be Single at Christmas Time:

1.       Christmas is increasingly becoming a competition to see whose other half got them the most expensive, romantic gifts. It’s not even about the gifts. It’s about the food. And the baby Jesus of course. I’d quite happily avoid being part of the “my boyfriends better than yours harem”
2.       The money you’ll save on presents will go towards a fabulous party dress.
3.       You can kiss whoever you want at these fabulous parties.
4.       You won’t have to have the “your place or mine” discussion over where to spend Christmas Day. Someone’s Mum always gets the hump over that one.
5.       All the Christmas cheese, chocolate and wine. It’s mine. All mine. No one elses’.
6.       I know a lot of blokes who find themselves “winter girlfriends”.  I cannot think of anything worse than a man who uses me as his personal foot-warming tool. DO NOT TOUCH ME WITH YOUR COLD FEET.
7.         You don’t have to worry about getting fat from all the glorious food; because no one is gonna see you naked
8.       The absence of a sarcastic narrator throughout all Christmas soaps/talent shows/reality TV Christmas specials, is quite frankly, bliss.
9.       There is no one to protest the theme of the tree- which in my case is ALL THE COLOURS and tacky, Santa shaped baubles.
10.   You can live in your Christmas jumper. My Rudolph jumper will be staying on all day, everyday for the whole of December.

So there,  I actually quite enjoy being single at Christmas. Yes, it is the season to spend with loved ones, but whose to dictate who those loved ones are. My girlfriends keep me merry throughout the season. And the year!



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2 responses to “10 Reasons Why Being Single at Christmas Isn’t THAT Bad…

  1. You make some very valid arguments. I hate having that little chat about whose family to do what with, it’s always a disaster. And I hate sharing generally, but I ESPECIALLY hate sharing chocolate.

  2. The “Whose family to spend it with it THE WORST” someone always ends up in tears, you’ll spend hours in a car; going between houses, and you’ll have to force feed yourself a Christmas dinner at each house, which in theory doesn’t sound bad, but it’s painful

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