Lonely This Christmas

I was speaking to a guy the other day and our conversation quickly turned to Christmas. I’ve always been one of those people who absolutely LOVE the festive season. The food, the fashion and spending time with the family. There is just something about the festive season that makes everybody nicer.

I told him this and upon doing so, he looked at me like I didn’t quite understand. He then said something that still perplexes me.

“There’s not really any point in Christmas if you don’t have a partner”

Oh. Silly me. I forgot I was sub-human because I’m lacking in a man friend. I would probably come up with a more sarcastic post if I was able to get around this man’s stupidity, but I can’t. I shall therefore go and hide under a rock until Christmas is over. Forever alone.



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3 responses to “Lonely This Christmas

  1. I enjoy Christmas – I have no partner now and no family, but enjoy it with friends! Can get lonely at times but I can live with that.

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