He’s Just Not That Into You

I (like many other girls) was brought up to believe that one day I would meet my knight in shining armor and live happily ever after. From the age of eight I have been imagining my dream wedding. The big dress, the castle, the horse and carriage and the chocolate fountain; these ideas haven’t changed much, although my choice of bridesmaids have (several times)

 My teenage years were confusing. It’s bad enough being a teenager, let alone a teenager with frizzy hair, braces and a flat chest. This made me an obvious target. The comforting words of my Mother and bestest friends led me to believe that the reason for such cruel taunts were simply because these boys fancied me.

not into you gif

3 years and a few boyfriends later I had developed into confident  a  young woman, who had discovered hair straightners and no longer needed to stuff her bra with tissue.  One thing hadn’t changed; boys STILL confused the hell out of me.

My first year of university consisted of many nights scouring bars on the hunt for “potential candidates”. This was equally measured by many nights waiting for said candidate to call. These desperate worries were always met by the reassuring words of my friends:
“He’s probably really busy with essays, I’m sure he’ll call”
“Maybe he’s shy”
“He could have lost your number”

What nobody told me was the patently obvious truth.hes not into you

In fact it took a night at the cinema with a close friend for us both to realise, that sometimes “He’s Just Not That Into You”.  Before the blockbuster hit I was guilty of all the similar crimes committed by the films leading lady.  To this day I’m still not quite sure how I didn’t realise that:

If he’s not calling you
If he’s not nice to you
If he won’t commit to you

Then he’s simply not into you.

give a shit

Ever heard the saying actions speak louder than words? The above actions speak a thousand, and whilst they may not be the ones you want to hear 99.9% of the time they ring true.  Don’t be hung up though, there are a whole load of men who will be interested, and you can have fun finding those ones instead, but for now single life was made for enjoying cocktails and chick flicks, so go have fun!


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