Lipstick Favourites, Week 2: Rimmel 107

This week sees the turn of Kate Moss – No 107.

Brittan’s original top model and no 1 fashion icon has brought out her own line of make-up with leading London brand Rimmel. 107 is a matte, red wine colour, perfect for the month of October. It has a soft velvety feel, and a scent that resembles my favourite childhood sweets- parma violets. Unlike a lot of matte lipsticks I have used it doesn’t feel drying, nor does it stick to dry patches. Whilst it does have some good wear, it will need another coat after a few cosmopolitans. At £5.49 this lipstick is definitely as good as some of the more expensive brands and at just a fraction of the price.



This lipstick looks lovely with flawless skin and flicky eyes. Worn day or night.It’s the perfect accompaniment to vamp up any outfit.



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