10 Reasons Why it Was a Bad Date…

First dates are meant to be exciting; they can also be very nerve wrecking. You’ve been texting, there has been a little bit of flirting… then you get there and it just doesn’t go as well as you thought it would. Here are a few reasons why…. 

  1. They were late. No one likes to be kept waiting; showing up 10 minutes late is just rude.
  2. They only spoke about themselves. They didn’t ask any questions and left not really knowing anything about you.
  3. The chat was boring. Not only did they talk about themselves all night, what they did say wasn’t that interesting.
  4. You were bored. Dates should be exciting if you’d rather be at home watching  “Take Me Out” then you know it’s not going good.
  5. They were too touchy-feely. Octopus hands on a first date are uncomfortable and unwanted.
  6. Rudeness.Manners don’t cost the earth and people who don’t mind their Ps & Qs really need to have a word with themselves.
  7. This one will probably upset a few people. I once went on a date with a guy who at the end of it got a calculator out and totalled up how much we both had to pay. I don’t expect to have everything paid for, but if you want a second date I wouldn’t suggest doing that. He did ask for a second date. I said no.
  8. The ex factor. We don’t mention them on a first date. We shouldn’t really mention them until it gets serious.
  9. You just don’t fancy them.
  10. They’re too intense; asking questions about where you see this going before the main course has even arrived is a little bit scary.



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7 responses to “10 Reasons Why it Was a Bad Date…

  1. Definitely had the calculator scenario before!!! I also think enthusiasm counts for a lot – one of the worst out of my 30 Dates before 30 was a guy who just didn’t care at all about what we were doing, which really affected the whole tone of the date! xx

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