Lipstick Favourites, Week 1: Ruby Woo

You may have noticed in other posts I am a bit of a lipstick fan. The power of a lipstick can be immeasurable. It can transform the simplest of outfits into a cat walk ready showstopper.

This month, each week, I will be reviewing my favourite autumn lipsticks. This week is the turn of a Mac classic: Ruby Woo

ruby woo.

Now, I’m aware that I’m a bit late jumping on the Ruby Woo band wagon, but it’s so fantastic I just had to write about it. Ruby Woo is from Mac’s matte range and is actually one of their retro matte lipsticks, some people find that matte lipsticks can be a little drying and whilst it does feel a little drying, I personally prefer the look of a matte red lipstick over a glossy one. If you don’t, you can always add a little Vaseline either underneath or over the top- whichever you prefer. This lipstick does have a tendency to emphasis dry patches on the lip, so I would suggest exfoliating and prepping the lip beforehand.

The staying power of this lipstick is phenomenal. I’ve been at many a party which has seen me drinking cocktails well into the night with no need to reapply. It has some staying power.

Ruby Woo truly is a classic, pin up red. There are no orange tones, no pink tones, no blue tones. Nothing. Just red.  It makes your face pop. Eyes are brighter, teeth are whiter and lips look fuller. This is definitely a must have for the make-up bag of any red lip lover.


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One response to “Lipstick Favourites, Week 1: Ruby Woo

  1. Must Have Boxes

    Gorgeous color!

    – KW

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