10 Reasons Why it’s Better to be Single…

I am a single girl. Why do I hate saying that? It’s not that bad… I’m single and fabulous. So here are 10 reasons why it is better to be single…

single girl what I do

1.       You get the bed to yourself. A whole double bed; you can do the starfish
2.       You can have a quiet night in, sitting in your onesie, eating a block of cheese with no one to judge you.
3.       No one is going to see you naked, so you don’t have to shave for weeks.
4.       Guilt free flirting.
5.       It’s one less special date to remember. You already have so many to keep up with.
6.       You can save the money you would have spent on said special dates and spend them on shoes. Expensive ones. Louboutins.
7.       You don’t have the text stress. If your friend doesn’t text you back, it’s normally fine, but, if your boyfriend doesn’t that’s when you start to have a meltdown.
8.       There is no one to nag you about the ridiculous amount of cosmetics you have overtaking the bathroom
9.       You’ll probably be thinner. People in relationships get comfortable and go out to dinner more.
10.   You’re free to do what you want. With no one to question you.

 So you see, being single isn’t THAT bad! You go girl.



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