Some of the Most Interesting Messages Received on my Dating Profile… EVER!

It’s Tuesday, and we probably all need a little cheering up. Tuesday is just one of those days, the weekend seemed like it happened ages ago, and there’s still a while until the next one. With that in mind, I give you some of the most humorous messages I have ever received via my dating profile. Brace yourselves.


*Names will not be included with messages. Messages have been received within a space of 18 months and are not representative of the majority of men.

“hi i am on this for serious relationships and hoping for marriage if you are looking to marry let me know” –Easy tiger.

“ heya, i know this might seem odd, but im actually looking to serve a mistress long term as a slave, most interested in crossdressing and chastity  to me, you look like a gorgeous powerful woman hehe if your interested i would love to know! X”– Ermmmmm

“wots rong wiv ur eyebrows”– What’s wrong with your spelling? (There is nothing wrong with my eyebrows, this is just an example of a man who has read “The Game”)

“We noticed your profile and you’re a cute looking girl. Fancy making some money in adult films? If so message us back to arrange an interview/audition” – Ahhhh yes, I’m finally going to fulfil the dreams of teenage boys the world over. I get to sit on the casting couch.

“hi there, i would like to ask you some questions, what do you like to do, where do you work, what is your favourite colour, what is your favourite film, what is your favourite music, i look forward to your answer” – I don’t understand why some men are unable to use the correct punctuation.

These are just some of the examples of the messages that have landed in my inbox, but for the most part the calibre of message I have received has been reasonably good.  Thank goodness for the block button.


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