Dating Profiles- Dos and Don'ts

Writing a profile can seem daunting. It’s a bit like a CV, you want to convince your potential employer you have all the right skills to do the job, but on the other hand you don’t want to look too arrogant or lie about your skills; only to be found out and promptly fired. So here are a few tips to help you get started on finding that special person on the World Wide Web.

Do Think about your answers. Be honest. You will be asked what you’re looking for and there is no harm in being truthful. Don’t think you could handle kissing an ashtray? Don’t state you would be fine with dating a smoker. Want a long term relationship? Don’t state you’re looking for  nothing serious.

Do Write about your interests. Try and include a variety of your favourite things, not just pubs, clubs and socialising- most people like those.

Do Add a photo. When I first started internet dating, I didn’t have a profile picture up, with the view “what if someone sees me?” Silly really. You’re all there for the same reason. It’s also a fact that profiles with pictures attract more attention.

Do Be positive. There is nothing more unattractive than someone who moans endlessly about failed relationships/lack of luck in love. Boo hoo. You’re profile isn’t the place for negativity, and no one likes a Moaning Minnie.

Do Message people. Don’t be shy. If you see someone you think you might get along with, read their profile and give them a message. Pick up on something written on their profile; they like museums? Ask them what ones they’ve been to recently.

Don’t Use text speak- we are not twelve anymore.

Don’t Send one word messages like: hey or gawjus (that is even worse).  Alternatively don’t bombard someone with a million questions. It’s not an inquisition.

Don’t Use topless pics/ pouting selfies/mirror pics. In regards to the first one, you may have a nice body, but whatever happened to the element of surprise? As for the last two, like I said previously, we aren’t twelve anymore.

Don’t Give yourself a stupid username like “Billybigbollocks69. Just don’t.

And finally. This one is mainly aimed at some of the men…

Don’t Send a message with an insult/ backhanded compliment. That book “The Game” has a lot to answer for. Any self respecting girl will ignore you.


You would think that all of the above tips were common sense, but you’d be surprised. So with all that in mind, you’re ready to go… Happy dating!



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