My Top 5 Autumn/Winter Nail Polishes

My blog is mainly centred around my quest for love, this is true, however, I do have other interests. Like… shoes. And nail polish. There are a wealth of blogs out there dedicated to hair, beauty and fashion, and I am by no means an expert. But as a little sideline I would quite like to blog about the products that I love.

Nail polish
Autumn has well and truly arrived. I love autumn. I enjoy the colours and layering up my clothes. I genuinely feel the colours we associate with autumn, suit me a lot better than the pretty pastels we all parade around in the Summer months (if we get a summer, I do reside in the UK) Of course the colours we wear extend to our nails. I’ve always loved nail polish. It used to pain me at school because we weren’t allowed to wear it. I was constantly being sent to the school nurse to “remove that gunk” from my nails. It wasn’t gunk. It was bright, shiny and pretty, but it was never gunk! I remember that for me, the most exciting part of the holiday was the realisation that I would be able to have my nails painted. Gone are my school days and I can wear nail varnish whenever I like. This has resulted in a good, strong collection of over 100 bottles. If I’m feeling down, I’ll buy a new nail polish, if I want to treat myself, I’ll have a manicure. An unhealthy obsession perhaps, but I don’t care. These are my top 5 Autumn/ Winter nail polishes…

 saville rowNails Inc- Saville Row
A deep, rich, plum colour named after a street in Mayfair, London, famous for its bespoke tailoring. This colour is a perfect autumn shade with a high shine finish. I love this polish; it’s a hard wearing and compliments my skin tone. I always get a tonne of compliments when I wear it.

gold foilgold glitter

Barry M- Gold Foil and Gold Glitter
Ok, so this is technically 2 nail polishes, but I don’t wear one without the other, so I’m counting it as one. This look is perfect for Christmas time, with its festive colour and sparkles. I often layer the glitter over the foil effect polish. Whilst I do feel the Gold Foil could be worn on its own quite happily, I feel the Gold Glitter needs an undercoat of a similar colour to give it the oomph it needs.

miss moleGOSH- Miss Mole
A lovely neutral colour that gives off that autumnal feel. I’m always impressed by this- one coat and it gives an opaque colour. Lovely.

red wine

Barry M- Red Wine
I like wine all year around. I like red wine in the autumn especially. I feel this colour compliments my pale and interesting complexion perfectly. I feel Barry M is good quality and a reasonably priced nail polish with a lovely shiny finish.

opi blackOPI- Black
Everyone should have a black in their collection. I believe when done properly black can look extremely classy. Once associated with Goths, I do feel black has become a lot more popular and will suit any skin tone. Added to a perfectly shaped nail it looks exquisite.

So there we go; I don’t have my Prince Charming, I do however have fabulously painted nails!


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September 19, 2013 · 3:46 pm

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